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Board Clear Order

Petrify | Game Design/Balance

Dec 11th

  "All board clears applied at the same time. Rather then from left to right." This is being implemented soon 


Petrify | Game Design/Balance

Dec 5th

 I'm anticipating that Shard becomes quite useful against spell decks when people can access cards outside their main deck


I'm being very careful not to say sideboarding as I don't want to create expectations around that, but something along those lines 

Amplureal, Sentient Shard

  Petrify | Game Design/Balance  

Dec 5th


 I'm looking at increasing its health back to 4 fairly soon 

Memory Charm

 Petrify | Game Design/Balance 

Dec 2nd

   Memory Charm got a large nerf with the basilisk, in my opinion

Spiral Golem

meals | community

Dec 22nd

 Mobile is a big priority for us, and one of our goals for 2020! 

Core Card Prices

ImmutableClay | Game Director

Dec 3rd

    For the good of the game I hope the prices stabilize, but I do imagine they're going to be high to start. 

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